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Minecraft Server Rules
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  1. Using vulgar language and other words that are not tolerated = warnable/mute.
  2. Lying/reversing events = warnable.
  3. Advertising in the server = bannable.
  4. Spreading private information = bannable.
  5. Treat other players normally and as you would like to be treated, if not = warnable/bannable.
  6. TP Trapping is strictly prohibited = bannable.
  7. Building without permission within 500 blocks around a claim = warnable/bannable.
  8. Griefing someone else's claim = warnable/bannable.
  9. False reporting = warnable.
  10. If you report someone, you'd better have evidence.
  11. Unnecessarily being AFK = kickable.
  12. Using hacks = bannable.


In the event of a rule violation, a staff member is required to take action by issuing a mute/warn/ban!!
After 3 warns, you will receive a ban, and the duration of the ban will be determined by your warn/ban history.

Rank information
Rank information
Ranks (Continuously updated)  
The sea god of the Greeks

God of death

God of wisdom

Ruler of Olympus

The biggest god

Prefix Poseidon Hades Apollo Zeus Custom General           White...
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Forum Rules
Forum Rules
Introduction This guide contains the most important information on how punishments are imposed on the VoidCraft forums and how we can properly comply with our behavioral expectations. We will update this guide on a regular basis in accordance...
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Vote for CamelCraft
Vote for CamelCraft
Would you like to vote for the server in advance? You can do so now. All votes will be stored so that you receive all votes and Keys upon opening.   Start voting now: https://camelcraft.nl/vote/
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